Joomlashack Extensions

This template comes with 2 commercial extensions for free: Easy Social Icons and Shack Editorial Calendar.

Easy Social Icons

Easy Social Icons is a lightweight module that let you quickly add and manage all your social network links.

We use Easy Social Icons to show social networks icons for the Vintage demo.

Documentation for Easy Social Icons



Shack Editorial Calendar

Shack Editorial Calendar is best editorial calendar for Joomla.

We use Shack Editorial Calendar in the Vintage Backend.

Documentation for Shack Editorial Calendar

Main image in home

Create a custom HTML module (disable editor, so you can work directly with just pure HTML)

Paste the following HTML code:

<h1 class="featured-text text-right"><span class="big-text">Thanks</span>
<br /><span class="medium-text-light">for considering Vintage</span>
<br /><span class="medium-text">for your next project!</span>
<br /><a class="btn btn-large btn-primary" href="#">Join now</a></h1>

<div class="row-fluid text-center our-services">
    <div class="span2">                 
          <i class="icon-firefox icon-5x"></i>
    <div class="span2">                 
        <i class="icon-chrome icon-5x"></i>
    <div class="span2">                 
        <i class="icon-safari icon-5x"></i>
    <div class="span2">                 
          <i class="icon-edge icon-5x"></i>
    <div class="span2">                 
          <i class="icon-apple icon-5x"></i>
      <div class="span2">                 
          <i class="icon-android icon-5x"></i>

Set a background image from Options > Select a Background Image

We recommend to set the module in breadcrumbs position

Menu Setup

Setting up the menu for your Joomla site is one of the first things you'll want to do. Follow along with the documentation and you'll learn how to set up the main menu for your Joomla website.

This step by step is for setting up a default Joomla menu.

Read more ...

Template Installation

Note You must have Joomla! 3 installed to use a Joomlashack template.
  1. After purchasing your template, log into your Joomlashack Account and download the template file to your computer. The filename will look similar to

  2. Once you downloaded the template, in your Joomla Administrator panel, go to Extensions > Manage

    Extension Manager

  3. Go to Upload package file tab

    Template Manager

  4. Click on the " Browse... " button, and find the file you downloaded. Then click on Upload & Install. button.
    The template should take a few seconds to upload and install. After the process is complete, you should see a success message.

  5. Now you will need to set the template to be the default template for your site. To do this, go to Extensions > Templates.

    Template Manager

    Click on the 'Default' button shaped like a star to the right of your template's name. If you set the default template correctly, you should see the star icon in yellow color.

    Template Manager

  6. Your template will now be installed! Look below for more important information on how to set up your template once installed.

My Template Doesn't Look Like the Demo - Template Setup

Once installed, your template will most likely require some setup, the depth of which is determined by how many customization options your template offers (different module formatting for example).

For a look at the reasons why your template does not look like the demo straight after install, please see Why doesn't my template look like the demo?

I couldn't get my template to download - where do I go to get support?

For more help with installation, setup, customization, or an issue, please Submit a Ticket (only available for purchased templates and Template Club customers).

Template Styles

Vintage comes with 8 color options to choose from to give your template it's own style and unique look.

Read more ...

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